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1323 6th Ave N.
Nashville, TN, 37208

The Skillery is a Nashville coworking space with resources and programming for freelancers, entrepreneurs, small teams and independent professionals, all aimed at making work meaningful, satisfying and unabashedly fun.

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Customer Storyboard Template

Download The Skillery's free Customer Storyboard Template, a visual tool for aspiring entrepreneurs designed to help you understand and capture your customer's journey.

Your customer's story matters most.

One of our favorite exercises — one that typically causes lightbulb moments for entrepreneurs — is a writing exercise that asks us to envision our customer’s journey to, and with, our product or service. If you can’t identify each step of their journey, you don’t know your customer well enough yet.

We've created a simple storyboard template, available for download, below, which encourages you to visualize 12 key moments in your customer's journey.

Instructions for use.

Our two-page PDF is designed to be simple and easy to use. Just download and print on regular paper, and you'll be ready to go.

Capture your customer's journey. 

What is the journey that your idea customer takes on a daily basis? Ask and answer, "Where is my customer when he or she is about to make a purchasing decision?" It's a fundamental question that's often overlooked, and a budding entrepreneur must know the answer in order to get products or services in front of potential customers at exactly the right time. Write this story down, in some detail, much like we did with Sally, above.



Choose 12 key moments.

Be selective with what you choose to spotlight in your customer’s journey. Choose 12 moments that seem comprehensive enough to be worthwhile, but still manageable enough to achieve. Start with a large list of moments in your customer’s journey, group like ones together, and refine them into a concise set. You’ll begin to understand which moments matter, and which don’t — which moments influence your customer’s thinking and feeling, and which ones are superfluous.

Draw your customer's story.

For each key moment in your customer’s journey that you identified, draw a picture within a frame. Don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself an artist — the visualization is the point, not the aesthetics.

Our sample customer: Sally

Here’s an example, based on Skillery customer “Sally,” who ends up registering for our one-day Introduction to Entrepreneurship workshop:

Sally works a 9-to-5 job, and has for 10 years. But after having her first child, and spending some time away from the daily grind, she’s having thoughts about transitioning to something different. Specifically, she’s thinking about turning her passion for hand lettering into a calligraphy business. She’s always made special hand-lettered gifts and crafts for friends, and she’s been told that she should sell her stuff. She has no idea how to start a business, but she’s smart, capable, and motivated to give it a shot. She’s spending a lot of time online, researching how to start a business, and she even started to create a website for herself. But she needs some help, guidance, and support to understand how to get her business off the ground, and how to set it up for success. While searching “how to be an entrepreneur” on Google, she sees an ad for The Skillery’s Introduction to Entrepreneurship workshop. After reviewing the detailed course syllabus, she is excited about the content. And she sees feedback on the website from students who have taken the class previously, so she feels confident in the quality of the experience. After realizing that the class fits into her budget and her schedule (her husband can watch the kids on a Saturday) she decides to register.

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What's next?

Imagining your customer's story is only one step in a long process of customer discovery and development. Want to learn more? Consider joining us for an Introduction to Entrepreneurship workshop, or grab a Starter Kit and get to work at home! We're here to help.