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1323 6th Ave N.
Nashville, TN, 37208

The Skillery is a Nashville coworking space with resources and programming for freelancers, entrepreneurs, small teams and independent professionals, all aimed at making work meaningful, satisfying and unabashedly fun.

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Introduction to Entrepreneurship Licensing

Become an Introduction to Entrepreneurship licensee, and bring hands-on business education to aspiring entrepreneurs in your community. 

A workshop designed for licensing.

A common side effect of entrepreneurship: the desire to help others explore building a business, and make a living doing the work they love. That was the impetus behind Introduction to Entrepreneurship’s development, and the program was designed to give students a thorough introduction — not just to the business fundamentals they’ll need, but the real-life, day-to-day experiences and hurdles they’ll face. This isn’t a how-to so much as a how-to, why-to, where-to and, ultimately, if-to.

By licensing Introduction to Entrepreneurship, you’re getting everything you need to offer a dynamic and engaging one-day workshop to your community. That includes the detailed workshop curriculum, facilitation tips, discounted class materials and more.

Provide education.
Not just a means of acquiring basic business education, the workshop allows participants to make a key determination about whether business ownership is right for them. 

Build community.
The workshop is a place for aspiring entrepreneurs to connect with like-minded folks. You’ll be strengthening — and building — your small business community.

Make some money.
We’ve designed the workshop to work for you and your business. You’ll keep every penny from registration fees, plus any sponsorship money you wrangle along the way.

Feed other programs.
The workshop is a perfect feeder to more in-depth, cohort-based incubators or accelerator programs. It’s an ideal first step for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Introduction to Entrepreneurship is a complete package.

Introduction to Entrepreneurship was designed to be licensed by community organizers like you. Once you come on board as a licensee, we’ll send you everything you need to get started, and you'll be free to start planning your first workshop. We’ll provide the complete template; you’ll host the workshop in your space as often as you’d like, and keep every registration-fee penny. You are welcome to offer as many workshops as you like during your licensing period, and we'll be there to help you along the way. Here's what you get:

  • The Licensee Guidebook. This is where to start - your roadmap for making your workshops happen. We've built a step-by-step guide that includes everything you’ll need to plan and market your Introduction to Entrepreneurship workshops.

  • The Facilitator Guidebook. The Facilitator Guidebook features 76 pages of guidance for sitting at the front of the room, including questions to ask, key points to cover, and topic-by-topic guidance for workshop facilitation.

  • The Starter Kit. Each student in your workshop will need a Starter Kit, which contains all of their workshop materials, including an Introduction to Entrepreneurship workbook, a business model canvas, notebooks and more. We’ll send a Starter Kit to you as a preview, so you know what to expect, and so you can share it with your community.

  • Marketing materials. Pictures, fonts, website copy and more. We'll share visual assets, marketing materials, and everything we use to promote workshops in Nashville and around the country. As a licensee, you'll be welcome to use as much or as little as you like.

  • Discount on workshop materials. When you’re ready to offer a workshop, simply tell us how many participants you have, and we'll send you Starter Kits for your participants, and all of the other materials you need, at a discounted rate. You can easily bake the cost of a Starter Kit into your registration fee and give your students the ease of included materials.

  • One-on-one support. Our team in Nashville is on call to support Introduction to Entrepreneurship licensees as needed, with administrative assistance, marketing tips, one-on-one facilitation training and more. We want you — and your students — to succeed, and we’re here to help in any and every way we can.

Learning potential, earning potential.

As a licensee, you set the terms of your Introduction to Entrepreneurship workshops, from ticket prices to attendance cap. The revenue, in that sense, is driven by you, and will vary based on how you choose to structure things, your own staffing/location costs and ticket sales.

As an example: Let’s consider a licensee running a workshop at $149, with a class of 20 students. After providing class materials for those students (purchased at a discounted rate, as a licensee), and assuming a handful of other costs, here’s how the financial scenario would break down.

Want to play with the numbers for your own workshop? We’ve made a revenue worksheet available for download.

Download the spreadsheet (.numbers) >

Download the spreadsheet (.xlsx) >

A quick disclaimer: This illustrates a potential earning scenario. Given the myriad variables involved, we can't guarantee that licensees will earn any specific amount of money from their Introduction to Entrepreneurship workshops. We can suggest what’s possible, based on specific scenarios, but none of our written or online content indicates a guarantee of earnings.

So, what's it cost?

An initial registration fee covers the cost of onboarding, and the licensing fee for your first year. Licenses renew annually, and you are welcome to offer as many workshops as you like within that year, at one location. Your renewal fee (due annually, beginning one year after you come on board) allows you to keep offering workshops, maintains your listing in our directories, and guarantees that you’ll have continued support from our team and immediate access to updated materials and resources. 

first-year licensing fee: contact us
annual renewal: contact us
 workshop materials: $49 per student
additional fees: none
number of workshops at one location: unlimited
workshop registration fees: yours to keep


Next steps.

Ready to join us? Got a question on your mind? Our team in Nashville is always happy to chat. 

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