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1323 6th Ave N.
Nashville, TN, 37208

The Skillery is a Nashville coworking space with resources and programming for freelancers, entrepreneurs, small teams and independent professionals, all aimed at making work meaningful, satisfying and unabashedly fun.


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frequently asked questions

General questions.

What is The Skillery?
The Skillery is a home base for independent professionals who believe work should — and can — be inspiring, rewarding and fun. We set the stage with a flexible coworking space designed for creativity and collaboration, and programming focused on giving creative entrepreneurs the tools and support they need to build, grow and thrive.

Where is The Skillery located?
Our space is in the heart of Historic Germantown, at 1323 6th Ave. N., Nashville, TN 37208.

Who is The Skillery for?
The Skillery is geared toward creative entrepreneurs, independent professionals and freelancers who need a welcoming and professional place to work, meet and learn, and want access to a friendly, supportive community of like-minded pros. 

How can I contact The Skillery?
Have something to say? Just want to say hi? Reach out to us via email, snail mail (1323 6th Ave. N., Nashville, TN 37208), Facebook or Twitter. We don't have a phone. 


What is coworking?
Coworking is a style of work that involves sharing workspace with other people. Members pay a monthly fee, and are granted access to the space, along with a number of amenities (printing, wifi, etc.) and membership benefits. Mostly, it’s a gathering of people — like-minded in some ways, but with independent professional goals — in a shared common workspace. 

Is coworking for me? 
If you’re used to working from home or a coffee shop but find that you need a more consistent workspace, broader amenities, or professional meeting space — and like the idea of being part of a community of like-minded independent professionals — coworking might be a great fit for you.

How much is membership, and how do I become a member of The Skillery?
Membership to The Skillery ranges from $125/month for a Basic Membership to $325/month for a Full-Time Membership. Details can be found on our membership page. If you're interested in becoming a Skillery member, simply drop us an email. 

Can I try it out?
Absolutely! First step: Schedule a tour. We offer two ways to try it out:

Day Pass
If you’d like to try and work at The Skillery for the day, we have day passes for just $25, and there’s no commitment required. 

Week Trial
Our one-week membership trial is a way to test out The Skillery for an entire week, with full access to the space, but without the cost or commitment of a monthly membership. A one-week membership trial runs $50, and if you decide that The Skillery is a good fit and you choose to sign up for a monthly membership, we'll apply that cost toward your first invoice.

What does membership include?
Every membership connects you to our community of members, freelancers, entrepreneurs and independent professionals. You'll receive:

  • Access to our 7,000 square foot coworking space in Nashville's Germantown neighborhood
  • 24/7 access to our private, members-only online community
  • Invites to our members-only events and community gatherings
  • Free admission to daytime educational events with Nashville entrepreneurs

...and more, of course.  

What does a Basic Membership include?
We created an inexpensive membership level for folks who may not need a place to work every day, but who still want all the benefits of being a member of our community. For just $125/month, a Skillery community membership includes access to discounts on our programming, invitations to members-only events and six days of coworking a month (plus a super-soft Skillery T-shirt).

Can I stop by? Where do I park?
Come on by! You can park on the street, or in the lot behind our space. For a more detailed view, check out our map

Can I use The Skillery as my business address?
Not yet. We may consider allowing members to receive mail and packages at the space, but we won’t have that ability for a while.

Can I bring in my external monitor? And can I leave it there overnight?
You are welcome to bring in whatever supplies you need to successfully do your work (within reason, of course), but we ask that our members do not leave items in the space overnight, since we often have evening events, and need to rearrange furniture.

Have more questions/can't find what you're looking for? Contact us.