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1323 6th Ave N.
Nashville, TN, 37208

The Skillery is a Nashville coworking space with resources and programming for freelancers, entrepreneurs, small teams and independent professionals, all aimed at making work meaningful, satisfying and unabashedly fun.

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Data for Coworking Space Owners and Operators

For coworking space owners and operators, and small business owners who want a peek behind the curtain, we offer an honest and detailed look at the numbers behind The Skillery.

On January 1, we closed our Nashville coworking space. Learn more here.

All of our coworking data, for all to see.

At The Skillery, we believe in transparency and helping others. So we keep our books wide open for all to see. All our financials, all our revenue information, all our expenses. All available here. For coworking space owner/operators, and entrepreneurs who want a peek behind the curtain at a small business, this is an honest and detailed look at the numbers behind The Skillery.

What is this? 

This is raw data from our coworking space. It is by no means a complete look at the financial health of The Skillery, but it's as close as we can get.

Who is it for?

We created this page for owners and operators of coworking spaces, primarily, but the data within — and the meaning behind it — may be useful to other entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

When is this data updated?

We update this data once per month, usually in the first week or so of the month, once we've closed the books on the previous month. Want to know when it's updated? Follow us online: @theskillery

Our financials.

The Google Spreadsheet that we've embedded below contains an almost-up-to-date reflection of our revenue and expenses, and an overview of how those components breakdown. Viewing this on a mobile device? Consider one of the buttons, below, for easier viewing.

Our revenue: an overview

While our revenue comes from a number of different sources, 76% of our revenue in 2015 came from our coworking space (versus 31% in 2014). We expect this percentage to be even higher in 2016.

Revenue Sources, 2014

Revenue Sources, 2015

Our revenue from coworking

Coworking revenue is generally broken into the following areas: membership dues, licensing fees*, day passes and weeklong trials, venue rental, dedicated workstations and semi-private offices, and key fobs.

Number of Coworking Members, Total

Total number of coworking members, as assessed on the last calendar day of each month. Includes paying members only.

Number of Coworking Members, by Membership Type

Number of coworking members, per membership type, as assessed on the last calendar day of each month. In addition, at any given time, we have about a dozen non-paying "friends and family" members. Our lifetime members paid up front, and do not pay membership dues on a monthly basis.

Coworking Revenue, Membership Dues Only

Gross revenue generated by our membership dues, before payment processing fees, expenses and other costs of sale, and excluding membership add-ons such as key fobs, semi-private rooms and dedicated workstations.

Coworking Revenue from Additional Products

Gross revenue generated by our coworking space, before payment processing fees, expenses and other costs of sale. We've excluded a few rare and negligible streams of revenue here, such as part-time members paying for the occasional "extra day" of coworking access. Revenue is shown after the processing of member referral credits and team discounts. Excludes membership dues.

*Licensing Fees are generated by unique relationships with a couple of tenants of our space. We explained our relationship with licensees at the end of our blog post summarizing our first year of running a coworking space.

Our expenses: an overview

We do have expenses related to classes and workshops that we've offered in the past, as well as our Introduction to Entrepreneurship workshop and Starter Kit, but this page focuses on our coworking space. The expenses related to our coworking operation generally fall into the following categories: human expenses, facilities expenses, services, taxes and miscellaneous.

Operation Expenses, By Type

Our expenses: facilities

Maintaining and operating our facilities account for the vast majority of our expenses. We invest in furniture acquisition and equipment upgrades to the tune of about $400/mo. In addition, some of our relatively consistent expenses include:

Rent: $5592/mo
Internet: $266/mo
Insurance: $2400/yr, paid quarterly
Maintenance costs: $200/mo, on average

Additional Expenses Related to our Facilities

General expenses include things like toilet paper and paper towels. Our happiness budget is used to treat our members to all kinds of things from bottled water to community lunches to happy hour beer.

Our expenses: services

There are certain things we can't do ourselves, and others that we choose to outsource. We paid our lawyer a few thousand dollars to help us get off the ground with membership agreements and whatnot, but (thankfully) haven't needed him since. With the exception of a onetime annual spike in software costs (we tried a Dropbox for Business subscription, which we ended up not renewing in 2016), our service costs are generally fairly consistent. 

Expenses Related to Services

Want some help?

Starting and running a coworking space is hard, and we're here to help.

Got a question?

Admittedly, we don't spend a lot of time on this page going into much analysis of the data. We do that on our blog, occasionally, and we're always happy to chat in more detail about what this all means. Leave us a comment below, if you like.

Still need help?

 Think you might benefit from some help with your coworking space? Our founder and CEO, Matt, dedicates a portion of his time to offering one-on-one assistance to coworking owners and operators. Give us a shout, and tell us what you need.

Coworking blog posts.

We make sense of the data on our blog. Below are some recent blog posts we've written about coworking.

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