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1323 6th Ave N.
Nashville, TN, 37208

The Skillery is a Nashville coworking space with resources and programming for freelancers, entrepreneurs, small teams and independent professionals, all aimed at making work meaningful, satisfying and unabashedly fun.

Skillery coworking membership options are changing

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Skillery coworking membership options are changing

Nicole Keiper


Last year, we wrote about the lessons we’d learned during our first year of running a Nashville coworking space. Among the key takeaways there: experimenting is key, and being open to change in response to those experiments, double key.

We continue to follow those lessons, and we think they’re serving us well. So, as we’re digging into another year, we’ve been gauging what works and doesn’t work at The Skillery, and making some changes.

The latest: We’re changing our coworking membership offerings.

First, what we’re taking away:

Since we opened, we’ve been offering a low-cost, low-coworking-time community membership, to give people who like what we do but don’t really need regular coworking space an option. They’ve been somewhat popular, but we’ve found that the minimal number of included coworking days didn’t give those members the connection to our community that we hoped for. 

When you’re only mixing in with other members once a month or so, you’re not getting much of the coworking community experience. And community, ultimately, is a huge part of why coworking gives entrepreneurs and independent pros more than being on the couch at home, or sitting in the coffee shop five days a week. Meeting likeminded coworkers, getting connected to fellow professional free birds — we (and lots of other people) think that’s the way to more inspired productivity, faster growth and happier workdays.

So, all that said, we’re nixing low-level memberships at The Skillery.

What we’re adding: a still low-cost but more regularly connected membership option.

Our new Basic Membership level gives you the option to be here every week to work, connect and collaborate: six days a month at our place in Historic Germantown (with the option to add more days at $20/day), for $125 a month.

To start off, we ask for a two-month commitment; after that, you’re month to month. 

If you’re not totally sure you can commit to three months at the jump, we also have a weeklong trial membership for $50, which’ll let you take some time to feel out how we fit. If you decide to stick around, that $50 comes off your dues.

Our hope with this small change is to continue to expand and cultivate a coworking community that’s more than just walls and seats and desks (even if those are pretty important too). 

We already have an eclectic and inspiring mix of members who are doing ridiculously cool stuff, from creating guitar effects pedals that could survive space travel to giving helping bearded bros of Nashville look (and smell) better. Sometimes we team up on cool stuff together, sometimes we refer each other, sometimes we all just have lunch in our main room and raise a glass to Skillery entrepreneurship ed grads Sifted

We’d love to see that connection and collaboration grow, and we think raising the being-here threshold might contribute to that. So, we’re experimenting and tweaking once again.

Part-time and full-time memberships remain the same — and we think they remain a great coworking value, too, at $200 and $325 a month, respectively. 

Any questions about memberships (did you know we have an option that comes with a tab at our neighbors Steadfast Coffee?), our space, education offerings, what our T-Rex-obsessed concierge Michaela is regularly doing for you? Reach out. We’re always listening.