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1323 6th Ave N.
Nashville, TN, 37208

The Skillery is a Nashville coworking space with resources and programming for freelancers, entrepreneurs, small teams and independent professionals, all aimed at making work meaningful, satisfying and unabashedly fun.

Nashville coworking spaces, and how to find the perfect fit

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Nashville coworking spaces, and how to find the perfect fit

Nicole Keiper

 Coworking at The Skillery

Coworking at The Skillery

After a few years of running a coworking space, we came to a particular feeling: coworking memberships are a little like love. In that ultimately, a good match is a little about particulars and practicalities, but mostly it’s about a spark. You feel it, or you don’t.

So while we can shout from the mountaintops that you should join The Skillery if you need a regular place to work in Nashville, we also feel strongly about right fits. We can’t make your heart feel something it won’t, and stuff.

We’re firm advocates for coworking in general (along with coworking at our space), so if we can direct you to a better fit, we’re happy to do so. The coworking community in Nashville is a vibrant and friendly one, and we generally just want to see coworkers settled down with a space that makes their heart soar, even if it’s not us.

So, all that said, here’s a quick primer on Nashville coworking spaces that might be a good fit for you, depending on what you need. If you think it might be us, reach out, take a tour, test things out with a week trial. If you think it might be one of these other great Nashville spaces, click on their names to learn more.


Nashville coworking spaces that might have what you need


You need: access to photo/video studio space
Try: Deavor in Germantown or Franklin Creative Suite in Franklin

Our friends and Germantown neighbors at Deavor have a great space with lots of workday amenities, from whiteboards to meeting rooms. But one really special aspect of their place: an in-house studio space with a cyclorama wall for seamless shooting/filming. All Deavor members have access, so if you’re a photographer or videographer, membership could be a game-changer for you. Down in Williamson County, Franklin Creative Suite has a sweet Photo Suite too, with seven backdrops, studio lights, modifiers, camera bodies and lenses available for use.


You need: a private office, but still want coworking energy
Try: Center 615 in East Nashville, or WELD in Wedgewood-Houston

Open coworking isn’t for everyone — if you struggle to concentrate without closed-door silence, for instance, a space like The Skillery’s might not be ideal. Still, we (and other coworking spaces) always say: Space to work is just a part of why coworking is worthwhile. The community is really the big thing. Luckily, Nashville has a number of coworking spaces that offer private offices — among them: Center 615 (pictured above), whose creative suites are conveniently located right near killer barbecue at Edley’s and live music at The Family Wash; and Dallas-bred WELD, whose Nashville space opened in 2015, offering closed-door “Supercube” offices.


You need: a quiet place to write your next hit
Try: Indo Nashville downtown, or The Circle at Razor & Tie downtown

InDo made a point of setting up their downtown home to serve Nashville’s entertainment industry community — songwriting rooms and an event space are among the stuff you have access to in their 11,000-square-foot place. There’s even a specific songwriting membership option, which gives you writing-session time in their three rooms, each of which was designed for privacy, focus and inspiration. The Circle at Razor & Tie on 8th Ave. S., meanwhile, has six writing rooms and a rehearsal space built-in, and is set up to host your album release party when the writing’s done, too. 


You need: a community that’s friendly to visual art
Try: Refinery Nashville in Wedgewood-Houston 

Refinery Nashville is a fun space for a lot of reasons — they’re in a fun neighborhood, with cool industrial-inspired design and lots of room for open coworking. A unique aspect that we think is extra special: their dedicated support of the art community in Nashville, with regular art crawls/events spotlighting visual artists of various disciplines.


You need: serious luxury
Try: Industrious in The Gulch

Set to open in May, coworking chain Industrious’ luxurious Nashville space is set right in the busy Gulch, with desk/office options ranging from $400 up to $2900-plus monthly. Their super pretty, walls-of-windows building looks like it’ll be a gorgeous fit for the coworker in need of upscale surroundings and loads of amenities. They also apparently have a “secret room,” which sounds both mysterious and awesome.


You need: freedom to bounce around from Franklin to Nashville
Try: E|SPACES, with multiple locations

If you live in Nashville but often have meetings in Franklin, or the other way around, the big benefit of E|SPACES — one of Middle Tennessee’s oldest coworking spaces — is that membership gives you access to both of its local locations, on Harding Pike in Nashville and in Cool Springs. So depending on what’s in store for your day, you can lock down in Davidson or Williamson County, or bounce between as you need.


You need: dirty work space
Try: Fort Houston in Wedgewood-Houston

Most coworkers traffic in laptoppery. But some of us have a less squeaky-clean toolbox. If sawdust, paint and photo chemicals are more a part of your day than tweeting and Slacking, your ideal Nashville workhome = Fort Houston, a 10,000-square-foot space that’s outfitted with a full wood shop, print shop, metal shop, darkroom and more.


You need: a home base in The Boro
Try: Cultivate Coworking in Murfreesboro

Our sister city to the East, Murfreesboro, has a lot going for it, from MTSU to an awesome, historic downtown center. The folks at Cultivate are locked down in said downtown, with a space that’s full of fitting charm.


You need: flexible space, killer coffee and collaborative vibes
Try: The Skillery in Germantown 

Hey, we’re biased, but we think our place has a lot to offer the Nashville coworker. There’s our relaxed, friendly and flexible space, stocked with tools for collaboration and cooperation (including Nashville’s only Design Thinking studio, from our partners stoke.d). There’s our Coffee+Coworking membership option with partners/next-door neighbors Steadfast Coffee, which lets you quickly pop in and fuel up on some of Nashville’s finest coffee and eats. There’s our partners The Porch Writers' Collective, who host regular classes and readings that spotlight and support Nashville’s community of writers. There’s our programming, designed to push aspiring entrepreneurs toward confidently launching and growing. There’s our network of geniuses — designers and marketers and tech gurus who are as friendly as they are talented. And there’s our concierge/den mother Michaela, who keeps everything running smoothly, keeps our members helped and happy and helps our community connect regularly. We love our place, and our members, and we’d love to have you. 

But, y’know, if there’s no spark, we’d love to see you linked up with some of our Nashville coworking compatriots, too. We can still be friends. 

Have any questions about The Skillery, or coworking in Nashville? We’re always glad to help — drop us a line, or drop in and say hi to Michaela (1323 Sixth Ave North). She’d be glad to show you around.