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The Skillery is a Nashville coworking space with resources and programming for freelancers, entrepreneurs, small teams and independent professionals, all aimed at making work meaningful, satisfying and unabashedly fun.

Skillery friends & family Mother's Day gift guide

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Skillery friends & family Mother's Day gift guide

Nicole Keiper

We had a pretty exciting winter at The Skillery, team expansion-wise — two new little ladies joined our ranks in late December and February. So, maybe understandably, we’re extra looking forward to Mother’s Day this year.

The Skillery’s extended family, thankfully, has a lot to offer as we’re either doing our Mom’s Day shopping or making our Mom’s Day gift requests. So to send some fine suggestions and inspiration from our family to yours, we pulled together a quick Skillery Friends & Family Mother’s Day Gift Guide. 

You definitely won’t go wrong gifting any of these:


Tiny Spin earrings from Freshie & Zero

$36 at

This coming Friday, May 1, we’re welcoming designer and entrepreneur Beth Lawrence of Nashville’s Freshie & Zero jewelry for the week’s installment of our free Office Hours Q&A hang. Beth has a lot of knowledge about design and trade show/wholesale selling, and she also crafts truly beautiful pieces, from bold necklaces to delicate earrings. We’re particularly enamored with her Tiny Spin earrings, with two hammered sterling circles married together, since they’ll look great whether you’re out sampling Germantown’s latest fine-dining addition or, say, scrambling to Target for diapers.

Walk Eat Nashville tickets

$49 via 

Taking your mom out to brunch or dinner is great, but we have a suggestion for a way to up the ante considerably. Gift her (and yourself) tickets to Walk Eat Nashville's East Nashville food tour, and explore the neighborhood over three hours while making six tasting stops at restaurants and artisan food shops. Your guide — who’ll offer tons of info about the community and introduce you to chefs, purveyors and restaurateurs — is Karen-Lee Ryan, a Skillery member, CO.STARTERS at The Skillery graduate and one of the smartest, friendliest folk you’ll meet in Nashville. Fittingly, her tours are fun, informative and delicious.


Batch Nashville Happy Mother's Day 2015 Gift Batch

$29-$58 at

We’re right in the middle of our first-ever food-focused business development program, CO.STARTERS for Food Entrepreneurs — a partnership with the great folks at curated local-goods subscription/gift service Batch. If you were at our recent Starting a Food Business panel discussion, you know that CEO Sam Davidson knows food, knows Nashville and knows good gifting. Conveniently, Batch has a special package pulled together just for Mother’s Day. The standard includes delicious local coffee from Frothy Monkey, honey from TruBee and a mug from Wildhair Pottery; the deluxe adds in shortbread from Willa’s, a candle from Sweet Tea, tea from High Garden and a tea towel from Hester & Cook. (Bonus: giftwrap’s free!)

 HollerDesign ButcherBlock

$150 at

Furniture designer Matt Alexander leads HollerDesign and co-leads Cainsville’s CowBlade Sawmill, and the two entities work together: Local, responsibly harvested wood from CowBlade — most of which is culled from a farm that’s been in the Alexander family since 1829 — goes into HollerDesign pieces, like this gorgeous walnut ButcherBlock. The result is a mix of timeless design and straight-outta-Tennessee beauty. (Matt is hosting an Office Hours at The Skillery on May 8 if you’d like to pick his brain about furniture, lumber, art, design or anything related. You can also eye more of his work at businesses all around Nashville, including Rolf and Daughters, The Cordelle and Local Honey.) Gifting Mom a ButcherBlock is a lasting gift — the end grain design makes them super durable, so she’ll be able to use it for many a future holiday meal.


400 Moons White Lace Soy Candle

$30 on

If you’ve spent any time in The Skillery, you’ve gotten a look at Emily Marlow of 400 Moons’ talents — the succulent displays on our walls are her handiwork (and we sure love them a lot). She’s a member and a recent CO.STARTERS graduate, and, as it happens, a seriously skilled pottery artist as well. We really love her handmade soy candles (this White Lace option would make a particularly lovely gift), with handpoured scents of lemon verbena, mint and eucalyptus or oakmoss and amber. Bonus: Even once the candle's burned, Mom has a beautiful handmade vessel to remind her of your thoughtfulness.


Mary Mooney wearable art

$142-$165 at

Artist (and recent CO.STARTERS graduate) Mary Mooney takes a unique approach to making fine art wearable, turning pieces of her acrylic artwork into jewelry using vintage findings. (Her Triangular Hand-painted Pendant with a 32-inch vintage brass bar chain, pictured here.) The colors, textures and shapes are one of a kind, like mommas, which is part of why we like them so much. (Other part is: They're really beautiful.) If your mom is more drawn to hangable art, Mary's abstract hexagons are similarly eye-grabbing, either as a single piece or collected in a group (she says they honeycomb together really nicely). 


Amaranthus Paper & Flora bouquet

$70, via Etsy

Flowers are a Mother’s Day standby, but an unfortunately temporary gift. Which is why we’re a lot more into mother-daughter duo (and CO.STARTERS alums) Amaranthus Paper & Flora’s crepe paper blooms. (You may have seen some of them around our space.) They sell a variety of bouquets via Etsy, but we really like the Katie Bouquet, pictured here (our programming director, Katie Vance, might have something to do with it), with a vanilla peony, blush ranunculus, water lily, gray berries and eucalyptus. But everything Meredith and Cherie Eastburn create: gorgeous. And it’s hard to pick a more fitting Mother’s Day present than beautiful, forever flowers crafted by a Mom and her baby.


Those are just a few of the creations of the great folks who make up The Skillery community — we'll share more on Dad's Day. Have some suggestions from your own friends-and-family ranks? Love to hear 'em.